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Jingjiang peak Ann trade co., LTD
Address:Jingjiang shibei ring California houses9Number
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    Jingjiang peak Ann trade co., LTD., established long-term growth targets,With a solid foundation,Proactive attitude to cope with the new situation。

    Peak of stainless steel,Glory for 20 years,Industry leader,The first quality。

    Our company is a wholesale primarily,Retail auxiliary specializing in stainless steel company。Company strength is abundant,For a long time to ensure that the supply of goods is complete,With the major domestic steel mills to establish a wide range of business,Placing orders directly from domestic professional manufacturers,Thus greatly reduces the stainless steel plate、Steel tubes、The net price of SPAR,To become the domestic stainless steel plate、Steel tubes、The agent of the SPAR,To enhance the market competitiveness。Working through the decades of struggle,My company in a pivotal position in the jingjiang stainless steel industry,Ann has formed its own management characteristic,Good quality is our strong point,Low price is our window,Hot plate、On board、In the thick plate、Cut the zero plate、Thick wall tube is our strong point,Stainless steel sheet is subei region distribution center,Guide the production and consumption of stainless steel。
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