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Tianchang chef laboratory equipment co., LTD is a special laboratory equipment、The experiment table、Fume hood、Vessel tank、CCTV products such as professional production and processing of the company,Have complete、Scientific quality management system。The integrity of tianchang chef laboratory equipment co., LTD、Strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance。Business scope of ark of stage of experiment、Student desks and chairs for processing、Sales(Does not contain wood);Analysis instrument、Glass instruments、Lab ventilation equipment(Does not contain pressure piping)Production、Sales;Electrical complete sets of engineering installation,Interior decoration engineering construction(To operate with qualification);Chemical reagent、Chemical raw materials sales(Do not contain dangerous2Chemicals...

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The central experimental units outstanding design,More convenient security

The central experimental units outstanding design,More convenient security
The central experiment 2 front panels are a into forms around the design。Bottom ark with front and rear and reinforcement,Will have shelf-clip adjustment holes on the reinforcement。Support plate can be installed at the front panel、The guide rail、Hinge。Horizontal intermediate cross rails should buckle,Recessed and hide。The test bench18㎜Thickness of high quality high pressure three gather hydrogen ammonia fibre board,Base material for the production of MDF,To edges2㎜Thick qualityPVCSealed edge banding water treatment。The test bench of all working parts under the base cabinet put oneself in another's position under the following load will not damage or affect the normal use。 The central bearing test bench base:Cabinet put oneself in another's bearing, per linear foot227Kg;Contained in the drawer:68Kg;Since the function back,Guide basic cabinet put oneself in another's position and high corrosion resistance diaphragm contained in the socket:45Kg。Cupboard door for the drawer...
2019-1-7Information about the laboratory fume hood
Laboratory fume hood is indispensable in the design of the laboratory a part。In order to make the laboratory staff not to inhale or pharynx into some poisonous、Pathogenic or toxicity of unknown chemicals and organisms、In the laboratory should have good ventilation。To prevent some of the steam、Gases and particles(Smoke、Soot、Dust and air suspension)Absorption,Pollutants must use fume hood、Ventilation hood or local ventilation method to remove。The structure of the fume hood is type,The top has a vent,Can be installed fan。 On a guide plate in the cupboard,Touch switch control circuit,Power sockets, etc,The perspective window USES toughened glass,May be around or move up and down。For people to operate。 The tank use experimental side table style,With mesa,Below is the cabinet put oneself in another's position。Can be installed mesa small cups and dragon...
2019-1-4How to make the test bench to laboratory equipment maintenance work
Any kind of platform in normal times if you don't do maintenance work,Are being damaged,When we know will be more attention to these details,Is hope everyone in the use of laboratory equipment test bench to be able to do daily maintenance,To ensure the service life of the time will also be able to guarantee the whole test bench play a better role,We take a look at how to do daily maintenance work。 A maintenance work,At the time of daily use is need light to take light put some things,If you don't do this just will destroy the whole test bench,For some of the heavier something can't throw。Some material is glass laboratory equipment test bench,At this time requires attention completes the attention on the safety of the use,Because if not timely attention may be also...
2019-1-4The characteristics and using method of vibration test rig
In the field of vibration test rig is to promote you to jump into high quality tool,Simulation is in making products,Assembly in the implementation stage, transport and use of all kinds of environment,Test for detecting whether products bear ability of environmental vibration,Apply to electronic、Mechanical and electrical、Photoelectric、Vehicle、Toys……Research from all walks of life、Development、Quality control、Manufacturing。Is rare you improve the quality of product reliability test rig。 Vibration characteristic:1、Figures show that the vibration frequency;2、Synchronization noise belt transmission,Noise is extremely low;3、Use guide rail type specimen holder,It is easy to operate,Security;4、Test rig base adopts heavy channel steel with damping pads,Easy installation,Smooth operation;5、Rotary vibration(Commonly known as monkey)Accord with standard of Europe and the United States and the international transportation;...
2019-1-3What are the role of the laboratory equipment test bench?
The design of the laboratory equipment test bench is very exquisite,Because if the design is not reasonable in actual use are likely to have a lot of problems in the process,我们在关注的时候基本上都是会从基本的作用上做详细的了解,If there were no test bench doing experiments,At the time of operation will be very inconvenient,Can also lead to the ultimate test of the data is not correct,This is the focus of everyone need to know,Only when we know the specific role,When choosing to also can know the basic advantage,Also can choose reasonable。 A role,Provide a place effectively,Sometimes our equipment in the laboratory test bench is can choose to cut sample,Here also can do some simple tests,And if there is no such test bench during actual operation...
2019-1-1How do you determine the laboratory furniture quality
How to judge the quality of the laboratory furniture is good or bad?First of all we need to understand relevant knowledge of laboratory furniture。General laboratory furniture is made of:The test bench,Fume hood,CCTV,Reagent,Vessel tank,Medicine cabinet, etc,Many netizens will ask,If you want to plan a laboratory,Numerous laboratory furniture dealers in the bid,How are we to judge their laboratory furniture is good or bad?Now in terms of a test bench,How to distinguish the quality is good or not?Yixing city Yangtze river environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Now to tell everyone about the related knowledge! First look at dealer's qualifications,See it done lab case,Can let the dealer to take us to visit their laboratory,If you do this,Instructions...
2019-1-2In the middle of the choose and buy test bench test bench experiment platform edge platform must pay attention to the problem
Currently on the market of furniture series of experiments,By use of material to distinguish,The most common is all steel structure、Steel structure、All wood structure,There is a part of the use of chemical synthesis of materials,But this normally won't use。Laboratory furniture in our country have developed more than ten years,From the initial cement to solid wood table(The primary)Rubber gasket,In the ninety s board type furniture,Really kicked off the modern requirements of the construction of the laboratory test bench;Now all wood is not used by the original wood,But dominated by melamine of synthetic materials,Is often said that sawdust board or particieboard,Experiments platform combined with different colors of melamine die or run into a film,Reached the wear-resisting、Resistance...

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