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Red genetic inheritance,Learn your strength ——Longyan bus party branch8In thematic party day activity[2019/8/22]
The security check,Strengthen enterprise development power[2019/8/7]
Life in the relay Love more[2019/7/19]
Longyan bus party branch“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission” Celebration“July 1”Activities[2019/7/12]
Bus of emergency disposal of drills conducted in longyan convention and exhibition center[2019/6/21]
Longyan bus students parent-child card blockbuster online![2019/6/14]
Our holiday——“See Dragon Boat Festival、Together”[2019/5/31]
Putting people relay on buses[2019/5/30]
Anti-triad putting Party member volunteers in action ——Longyan bus party branch5In thematic party day activity[2019/5/22]
Let the health and beauty[2019/4/30]
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  • Adhere to the comprehensive governing party Be qualified of the communist party
  • 201Beat the official opening The opening ceremony
  • About to carry out“The tomb-sweeping day--Our holiday”The party
  • Longyan clay rostrum on buses —“Lei feng's spirit and carry
  • “Ingenuity.Creativity 38”Fresh fruit series
  • Calamus zongzi every day、Dumplings fragrance bus
Longyan city this road transit
“The dragon card”To deal with the process
About longyan central city bus、For rent
3Month1Within the province at least70One full year of life
To deal with boarding card for the disabled
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