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Measure from the door,Custom design,Automated production,Transportation safety,To the door installation,To provide you with one-stop service。We in the development of technology、Quality inspection and production process has strict standards,Make every effort to provide your storefront design and production100%Strong quality guarantee。

We have a covering26000㎡ Self-built factories,Mechanization automation production equipment imported from Germany and standard modern production workshop,Covers the carpenter's shop、Paint shop、Glass workshop、Batch of ash grinding workshop、Hardware workshop and showroom and warehouse, etc。

Since2003Factory since years,Jiu hua has always been for the world500And strong enterprise80Many well-known brand chain provide reveal ark design and store image design,Hong Kong and Macao and domestic partners radiation30A number of large and medium-sized cities,And the world100Several countries。

In terms of new material and technology innovation,Jiu hua is the industry leading position。The quality of export,Conform to the eu's most stringent quality standards。

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